21st Celebration of Music Education

November 20, 2016

Two concerts in honor of our dedicated music educators.

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Music Education for All!

Making music accessible and affordable for every child.

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Open Rehearsals

September through May

Join us at open rehearsals on Saturdays and Sundays in Balboa Park.

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Upcoming Events

Conservatory Programs

Ovation Program

Our most advanced musicians with intensive, pre-professional musical training. This flagship program provides the finest training at the highest levels attainable in a youth orchestra program.
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Showcase Program

Encourages our intermediate-level students to participate in both an orchestra and a wind ensemble and exposes them to diverse musical literature.
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Inspiration Program

Offers quality foundational ensembles that develop technical, collaborative, and musical skills as they progress on their instruments.
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Debut Classes

Our entry-level instruction focusing on beginning ensemble techniques for students who have played for 1-2 years and are preparing to participate in a full ensemble.
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Community Programs

Community Opus Project

The Community Opus Project includes after school instrumental orchestra and band programs for students in Chula Vista.
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Casa de Amistad

SDYS provides instruments and group instruction for the young musicians in the Casa de Amistad mentorship and tutoring program.
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Supporting Music in Schools

SDYS supports many school programs across San Diego County to help in their development or expansion of in-school music.
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Partnerships and Research

SDYS plays a key role in collaborating with local and national organizations to document evidence of the benefit of music education.
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Our Supporters

San Diego Youth Symphony