Foundational level ensembles

Our Inspiration Program offers quality foundational ensembles that provide an important musical and social experience for young students. In these ensembles, students develop technical and musical skills as they progress on their instruments. The minimum age to participate in Inspiration Program ensembles is 8, or entering 3rd grade, by September 1, 2016. The maximum age to participate in a Debut Class is 17, or entering 12th grade, by September 1, 2016.


Overture Strings

Conducted by Mr. Anthony Do-Hoon Kim, this is a beginning-level string orchestra providing a first ensemble opportunity for musicians in their second year of playing and above. The orchestra focuses on enhancing beginning-level skills such as fingering, tone quality, intonation, and sight-reading as part of an ensemble. Musicians will enhance their ability to follow the conductor, to play together, group intonation, and section cohesion by integrating technique into ensemble playing, including fluency in staccato and legato bowings.

Overture Winds

Conducted by Mr. Chris Lea, this is a wind ensemble that provides a progressive and accelerated opportunity for woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians in their second year of playing and above. Instruction focuses on teaching ensemble skills such as tone production and quality, musicianship, blend, balance, rhythm, and sight-reading as part of an ensemble. Musicians will enhance their ability to follow the conductor, play together, and achieve group intonation as well as section cohesion by integrating technique into ensemble playing.

Symphonic Strings

Conducted by Ms. Ulli Reiner, this is a string orchestra providing performance experience for intermediate string players. Musicians will learn important concepts of left and right hand technique, vibrato, shifting and bowings, articulation, tone production, intonation, balance, and blend. Repertoire will include arrangements of music for string orchestra representing various periods and styles.

Registration is currently closed for the 2016-17 season. If you would like add your name to the interest to receive updates about upcoming registration, concerts and events, please do below:

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