Learn the basic building blocks of music by enrolling in the SDYS Music Theory Program!

Fundamental/Intermediate Music Theory teaches students how to identify and explore music elements such as harmonic and melodic intervals, triad and chordal structures, and major/minor key relationship in music you hear in pop, classical, jazz, and other kinds of music in everyday life.

The completion of fundamental and intermediate theory classes, or the successful candidate who passes the placement exam will be eligible to enroll in the Advanced Music Theory Class.  

In the Advanced Music Theory Class, students will begin to learn advanced music theory concepts such as melody harmonization, figured bass, SATB four part writing, and beginning composition. Select Advanced Music Theory Class students will also have the opportunity to become an SDYS Teaching Assistant for the Fundamental and Intermediate Theory Classes.  

All new students to the SDYS Theory Program must take a placement exam. Offering of theory classes is dependent on minimum enrollment.


How to Apply?

For any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Sidney Yin at 619-233-3232 x 150 or email at syin@sdys.org.

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